Guests Sometimes because of other commitments we can call upon the services of some other great players, some of whom played on our 2 albums.
Duncan Finlay (guitar/banjo/drums) - Duncan is THE guitarist around in the session world. Works regularly in TV and Radio and with the Nova Scotia Jazz Band. He is a mean drummer too!
Pete Clark (fiddle) - Pete teaches at the RSMAD in Glasgow but also runs the Neil Gow Ensemble.
Angus Lyon (acc) - Angus is a former accordion champion. He has played with many artists including Cat Stevens and Sir Paul McCartney. He playes in 'Box Club' and runs 'The Haltern Quartet' an has spent 2012 playing with supergroup 'Blazing Fiddles'.
Alison Smith (fiddle) - Alison originally played in the 'Black Rose Ceilidh Band' but now runs her own business Maxwell Music.
Angus Wares (guitar/mandolin) - From Dundee Angus has played in many line-ups and in differing genres and has toured Lithuanian and Latvia with Gregor.
Sandy Brechin (acc) - Master-accodrionist, Sandy has played with everyone in the Traditional scene. Presently working with singer Ewan Wilkinson as well as fiddler Bruce Macgregor.
Campbell Normand (piano) - A great jazz soloist who has worked with many visiting artists.
Angus Wares  Duncan Findlay
Angus                Duncan