Bob started his career on accordion, but in recent years switched to piano which has put him in even more demand, including performing on live broadcasts for national radio and television.
He has collaborated and performed with many established and well-known artists such as: Bruce MacGregor, Simon Thoumire, Jonny Hardie, Aidan O’ Rourke, Chris Stout, Charlie McKerron, John Saich, Gregor Borland, Christine Hanson, Marcus Ford and Jim Mullen.
Bob has performed on stage in various theatre performances, one of the most unusual and demanding of which was playing the part of ‘L’Accordioniste’ alongside Christine Bovill in her acclaimed production of ‘Piaf’.
He also performed in Maria Tecce’s celebrated and critically acclaimed production of ‘Viva’ (A hot Latin blend of Argentinean Tangos, Spanish ballads, jazz, rumba and bossa nova), with award winning jazz guitarist Malcolm MacFarlane and bassist Andy Mitchell. Bob works with Gavin writing and recording music for film soundtracks and also for personalised gifts through their website ‘Musical Commissions’.
He also has a variety of other projects on the go featuring singer Fiona Wilson, together with Cameron Robson (Cittern & guitars) and Tim O’ Leary (Fiddle & bouzouki):
‘Heelster Gowdy’ (Scots Song, Borders & Child Ballads, with unique and interesting interpretations and settings),
‘Kashmiri Bru’ (A vibrant and eclectic fusion where East meets West with mesmerising tunes and songs in a diverse blend of the Erse, Scottis, Chhakri and Bachhi Nagma styles and dialects).
Bob, Fiona and Alastair also play in ‘The Melodays’ (Function band covering popular standards and hits).
Bob at the piano


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