St Bernard's Waltz

Formation: couples around the room in ballroom hold heading anti-clockwise, ladies on the outside.
Music: waltzes.
Bars: Description
1-4: In ballroom hold, take three steps sideways towards the lady's right, man's left, then stamp both feet.
5-6: Take two steps sideways in the opposite direction.
7-8: Take two steps towards the centre of the room (lady heading forwards with right foot then left foot, man backwards with left foot then right).
9-10: Take two steps back out (same feet).
11-12: Lady turns about on the spot under the joined hands.
13-16: Waltz onwards round the room.
Repeat ad lib.
17-24: Joining both hands, swing together (slightly to the right of partner) and away, then change places, turning the lady under the man's left arm while doing so. Repeat.
25-28: In ballroom hold, take two steps anti-clockwise, then two clockwise.
29-32: Waltz round the room.
Repeat ad lib.