Pride of Erin

Formation: couples around the room facing anti-clockwise, ladies on the right.
Music: 32 bar waltzes.
Bars: Description
1-4: Nearer hands joined, swing the inner leg (and joined hands) forward and back, then walk forwards.
5-8: Repeat in the opposite direction.
9-10: Facing partner, both hands joined, and heading clockwise, cross trailing leg over leading leg (ie right over left for ladies, left over right for men), then point with leading leg.
11-12: Repeat in opposite direction.
13-16: Take four steps anti-clockwise, pulling leading shoulder back to face alternately away from and towards your partner with each step.
17-24: Joining both hands, swing together (slightly to the right of partner) and away, then change places, turning the lady under the man's left arm while doing so. Repeat.
25-28: In ballroom hold, take two steps anti-clockwise, then two clockwise.
29-32: Waltz round the room.
Repeat ad lib.