Eightsome Reel

Formation: four couples arranged around a square, lady on the right of the man. Couple with their backs to the music are couple number 1, couple on their left number 2, couple opposite number 3 and couple on the right number 4 (ie numbering clockwise).
Music: 40+8x48+40 bar reels.
Bars Description
1-8: All join hands in a circle and circle round to the left for 8 steps (four bars) and back.
9-12: Ladies join right hands in the middle, and hold partners around waist, and all dance right hands across in a star (wheel).
13-16 Swing round (couples still holding around the waist) so the men join left hands, and dance back with a left hand star.
17-20 Face partners and set twice.
21-24 Spin partners (turn RH).
25-40 Giving right hands to partner to start, dance a grand chain around the set (keep going in the same direction and give right hand, then left hand, then right hand, ... until you get back to place). If you get back early, spin until the end of the phrase.
Figure - repeat 8 times
1-8 1st lady goes into the centre of the set and sets while the others circle round to the left and back.
9-16 1st lady sets to partner, turns him, sets to opposite man and turns him.
17-24 1st lady turns partner, opposite man, partner, opposite man (variation - dance a reel of three with partner and opposite man, giving left shoulder to partner to start).
25-32 Repeat bars 1-8.
33-48 Repeat bars 9-24 with side men.
Repeat Figure with 2nd lady, 3rd lady, 4th lady, 1st man, 2nd man, 3rd man, 4th man in the centre.
Chorus Repeat the 40 bars of the start of the dance.